Steps for Agents to register and make offers into system:

  1. Click the register button on the right side of the page
  2. Fill out the online form
  3. You will receive an email to validate your email address
  4. Click the link and validate your email address
  5. You will now be able to log into the system to view all active properties, make offers & manage your account
To make an offer once logged into the system:
  1. Click on the “Menu” link next to any of the properties
  2. After selecting “Make Offer”, from the menu, fill out the offer form and submit
  3. If you wish to attach any files to the offer, you can do this by clicking on Upload Documents button that will be shown in the offer screen
  4. Anytime the offer status changes (seller counter, accepted, rejected) you will receive email confirmation and be able to log into system to respond or review.
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